Thanksgiving is quite the holiday in the Yoder clan. It’s our biggest get together of the year and is an occasion treasured by all of the family. It’s a time of much fellowship, food, and good times with family.

This is the abridged version.

Before all the family came from near and far, we helped cut up some wood for grandma. :)

It’s the woods men.

Fellowship and food. Oh my…the food.

Cute little Asher.

mmm pie!

Impromptu wedding shower / wisdom session.

Bible memory.

Talent show!

NY fashion professional and the precious Bek and Justin.

After the Thanksgiving festivities, we all hang out in the house some more, eat leftovers…

Have some tea..

Sometimes we have a rubber band fight. ;)

And I should probably never make that face again. Noted. Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Jon