Seattle & a Free Mind

Life has been a bit of a whirl these days. After a pandemic unlike anything seen before on my years of walking on this planet, I’ve successfully unglued my face to the flickering of the news and am seeing more light at the end of the tunnel.

All time time quarantined has really put me in the mindset of wanting to get out and see the world again in a fresh light. Since staying away from people cuts off most of my favorite travel ideas, I thought it would be a good time to jump into my travel time machine and go back to one of my favorite trips of 2019, in the beautiful Emerald City of Seattle.

My talented sister lives there so I did a bunch of traveling with her and then I also did a bit of solo traveling and visiting some good people.

Saint Louis

This past month a few housemates and I went on a road trip to St. Louis. Not really for any reason in particular, just to get out of town and see the world–and that’s important.

Nothing like a change of scenery to find some inspiration. :)

We didn’t exactly plan to camp every nigh–our plans were pretty non-concrete, but I’m glad we did! I miss starry skies like this.

The most fascinating of fish species.

And some phone pictures…

Mud House coffee shop was pretty cool. City museum was the most cool.

This concludes the Saint Louis adventure. More adventures to come.

~ Jon

Fresh Eyes – Honduras

I’m back from the good ol’ Honduras. It’s been an amazing ride this past week and my mind since then has been constantly thinking of Honduras and the people we interacted with.

I have learned so much. Honduras has shown me some things that I’ve never seen before. I’ve been able to see first hand that God’s church goes much further than my small corner of the world. It’s pretty amazing.

I’ve been thinking about this place so much the last few days but I can’t seem to put these thoughts to words. Maybe I’ll come up with more complete thoughts sometime in the future.  :)  In short– God is good.

Here’s a brief synopsis in pictures of the week:

We became quite familiar with this bus by the end of the week.

Building a house for a family.

Oscar explaining the task at hand (painting) to the fearless co-leader Amy.

Painting… (before) / (after)

More painting.  What a great color.  :)

Driving away from the orphanage was incredibly hard. The kids were just amazing.

We did a lot with the students at the Baxter Institute.

What’s cooler than cool?

This group. :)

~ Jon