Next Up: Charleston

Continuing on my July roadtrip…

I visited my dear friends Cory and Lindleigh in Charleston. These two were and are some of my best friends in the world and it was time to pay them a visit. :) Charleston is a super cool and fun city. There resides some really great people and a great church, it’s close to the beach(!), and the culture is diverse and interesting.

I would say that it ranks in my top 5 cities. My other 4 current (and always changing) favorite cities –> Little Rock, Philly, Saint Louis, Memphis. But that’s neither here nor there. Here’s a glimpse of my adventures with Cory and Lindleigh.

Take home lessons:

  • People are much more fun to photograph than dogs.
  • The beach and a little bit of sunburn is theraputic.
  • …as is good music on a road trip.

~ Jon

Next Stop: Memphis

This is the chronicle of part 2 and part 7 of my July adventures. (I visited twice) Rosie and Alex are some of the coolest people I know. They’re extremely nice, fun, and giving of what they have. They house a crazy amount of couch surfers, are super loving, and are great at making the world a better place. :)

~ Jon

Colorado Adventures

July of this year was my adventure month. I’ll be documenting all the different places I went over the next couple weeks. It all starts in Colorado… Denver and surrounding areas. Colorado is easy to love.

~ Jon

Saint Louis

This past month a few housemates and I went on a road trip to St. Louis. Not really for any reason in particular, just to get out of town and see the world–and that’s important.

Nothing like a change of scenery to find some inspiration. :)

We didn’t exactly plan to camp every nigh–our plans were pretty non-concrete, but I’m glad we did! I miss starry skies like this.

The most fascinating of fish species.

And some phone pictures…

Mud House coffee shop was pretty cool. City museum was the most cool.

This concludes the Saint Louis adventure. More adventures to come.

~ Jon