Testimonials & Raves

Hire Jon!!! You won’t be sorry you did. Our wedding pictures are some of the most beautiful, unique pictures I’ve ever seen, and we constantly get compliments on them.

Melissa & Kyle

Jon! You were the only calm person at my wedding! I felt like everyone around me was rushing and talking too fast and asking a ton of questions that I didn’t know the answers to. But whenever we would cross paths, you were just so peaceful and made me feel at ease in all the chaos. I felt like I could slow down, take a look around, and really enjoy the celebration.

The quality of the photos was just beautiful. Whenever I look through them, it’s like I’m reliving the day.

Sierra & Jackson

I loved my wedding photos more than any other photos I’ve seen — I’m sure there are MANY reasons for that. You were somehow five photographers in one. You was everywhere and captured everything (really!, I don’t know how you did it!) Looking at my photos is like reliving the day from start to finish. I have a lot I can frame and display — my “problem” is I have too many.

Emily J

We’re so glad you shared in our day with us, and it means so much to be able to look back and enjoy our day in beautiful pictures that truly captured every heartfelt moment. It brings all those moments back to life–and it allows us to see moments each of us missed that were so precious. Ahhh, it’s hard to express how much it all means, Jon. Thank you so much! :)

Sarah Kaye

While you made your presence known you also knew how to do it just enough to make everyone feel comfortable and capture all of us naturally so that people didn’t feel like they had to stare at a camera. Not only are you incredibly talented, but your way with people and service is exceptional. You really have such wonderful attention to detail and captured the day in a way that feels magical. I absolutely love the way you use your surroundings (like tree branches, water fountains, etc) to add an artistic flair to your work. You see everything around you and know how to use it in a way that turns what would be an ordinary photo into something extraordinary.


Jon’s the perfect balance of laid back and attentive to detail. The moments he captures are the big ones and the small ones that turn out to be much bigger than you realized at the time. He will willingly throw himself in the action but knows when to step back as well. Never once have we looked back on our photos and said “I wish he would have…” Not to mention, he’s one of the kindest human beings you will ever meet. You will NOT regret inviting him to your wedding – especially as your photographer!

Zak & Aleece

“The whole experience was wonderful, but my favorite was probably seeing how you could turn ordinary places and poses into awesome pictures! I was amazed at how good you were at that and absolutely loved how all of the pictures turned out. It was also a lot of fun to get to visit with you through the afternoon :)”

Devon E