About a month ago, a few photographer friends and I went to a retirement home here in Searcy. Our mission was to bless people through photography. Some of these people hadn’t had professional pictures taken of them in many, many years. It was an honor to be able to serve these people through making them feel important, taking their portrait, and then printing and giving them their picture.

This coming Saturday, December 8th, is our yearly Help Portrait: Searcy. It’s like this mini event, but much bigger. If you’d like to help out in any way (organization, meet-and-greet, etc.), contact or text me!

Sweet little Adalyn!

It’s pretty safe to say that photographers prefer to be behind the camera. :) Shout out to the Howards of Taylor Howard Photography and Kristen and Cheryl of Zoe Photographic Group for coming out! You guys are the best! :)

~ Jon