There’s something special about seeing connection in a photograph. While love at times feels as real as gravity and as tangible as the dirt we walk on, it can also be extremely difficult to explain; a depth almost impossible to describe.

Not everyone wears their love like a colorful jacket, and that’s just fine, but I’ve realized that I find most joy in photography through peeling away the layers to help truly describe their cares, joys, sorrows, and anything that tells a piece of the story of a person’s intangible inner being. A picture can be beautiful and inspire awe, but I believe that these are the things that really add value to a photograph.

That’s maybe a strange introduction to Kayla and Corbin’s 5 year anniversary session, but it’ll do. These two are so full of joy and are such inspiring people which made doing their portraits that much more exciting. For this anniversary, Corbin and Kayla wanted the pictures to revolve around their morning routine of making coffee, hanging with the cat-oes, and listening to music. Oh yeah and you can’t forget to have an impromptu dance party either. :)