This past Sunday I got to be a part of my dear friend Jamie’s proposal. The morning before we ventured onto the somewhat treacherousĀ roads with Jamie on a mission to get some candles for tomorrow’s big event. The trip went as planned save for a brief scare on the icy roads (a casual 180 degree slide) and Natalie calling and then Jamie explaining that he was driving around with his dad…no big deal (yep, I’m aging fast).

There’s something special about seeing the nervous excitement on Jamie before such a huge event as asking the girl he’s grown to love so much to spend the rest of their lives together. I don’t think it will ever get old.

Jamie and a few of his family members met up early Sunday morning to do a little extra decorating of Midnight Oil, the place where Jamie and Natalie first met last summer. We lit the candles and did a few other touch ups to make the place a little more sweet and homey. Jamie found his perfect background music, we all said a prayer together, and then Jamie was off to pick up Natalie. The rest of the story is in pictures… :)

~ Jon