Album Design & Selection


Welcome to the photo album tips page where I do my best to explain the album design process! :)

In a list, album design takes place across 3 steps:

  1. Your first group of photos is selected and sent to me. I’ll then put it together into an initial design and send it to you!
  2. Once you see how everything is laid out, you’ll be able to see if it flows together how you like and includes your favorite moments from the day. Any changes can be made via adding a comment below the spread that you’d like changed. Once you’re done making comment changes, drop me a message and I’ll get started working on the final draft.
  3. Final draft — I’ll do the final edits and double check everything with you before the album is sent off to be printed. After you OK it, it’s done! :)

Notes / FAQ:

Number of photos to select  —  I like to generally average around 3 photos per page, making the total target number for a 30 page album 90 photos, and for a 40 page album, 120 photos. This isn’t a strict rule, but I like to keep album designs clean and with some variation. For portraits I’ll sometimes have one photo to a page or spread, then during the reception I’ll generally put a lot more on a page.

Editing photos — I don’t do any extra photo retouching until the final draft, after the photo selection is finalized.

Adding pages — You can add extra pages to your album for $30/page.

How to send a selection of photos: first, add photos to your favorites.

If you intend to reference your selection of photos later, I recommend creating an account and saving them.

Let me know if I can help with any of this! :)

– Jon