Help Portrait started with an idea brought to light by a Nashville photographer, Jeremy Cowart. Help Portrait is the simple idea of taking a portrait of someone, printing it, and giving it to them. The purpose of this project is to build self-worth in people and to show them that they are worth spending time on and worth making a great portrait for.

The Searcy chapter of Help Portrait was sparked by a tweet to a few photographers that I’ve come to know in town. Since then, so many people have stepped up to make this project happen. It truly has been a blessing. First putting out an idea, receiving so much support by people willing to give their time and talents.

I love this group and have nothing but good to say. It’s truly been a blessing and an honor working with such incredible people.

This first year’s Help Portrait: Searcy wasn’t exactly a smashing success by terms of number of people coming in the door, but it was most definitely a success. The families that did come through were blessed in ways we don’t know. Here’s a behind the scenes perspective:

Here’s the main photographer group. Love them.

This guy is the boss.  :)

We had quite a bit of downtime, so since we already had everything set up… you know. :)

~ Jon