Finding your dream wedding venue can be a rather daunting task. From asking friends to checking around on the internet, it can be rather daunting to narrow everything down to fit the venue style, location, and budget that is just right for you.

I’ll keep this updated as much as I can as well as provide some tips from my perspective as a wedding photographer with more pictures and venues as I look more into the many options of finding the ideal venue for your wedding in Little Rock or Central Arkansas.

Outdoor Venues:

  1. The Castle on Stagecoach
  2. An Enchanting Evening
  3. Moss Mountain Farm
  4. Alda’s Magnolia Hill
  5. Marlsgate Plantation
  6. Trapnall Hall (for small guest-list weddings)
  7. Grandeur House
  8. Goodwin Manor

Indoor Venues:

  1. Loft 1023
  2. Clinton Library
  3. Noah’s event center

Reception Venues:


  1. Trinity Episcopal Cathedral (the prettiest outdoor area of the churches)
  2. Immanual Baptist
  3. St. Edward Catholic Church
  4. Many more! I only listed the more popular ones. :)

Hotels for getting ready:

  1. Capital Hotel (the prettiest indoor space of the hotels. Their lobby and outdoor areas are quote popular spots for portraits)
  2. Marriott (they also have several large event centers that are generally the best bet for an Indian wedding or similar larger scale wedding)

Honorable mentions: (just outside LR)

  1. Meadow on the Mountain (Atkins, AR)
  2. Legacy Acres (Conway, AR)
  3. St. John’s Chapel by the creek (Benton, AR)
  4. Garvan Gardens (Hot Springs) – maybe the most popular venue in the state

I hope this was helpful!

I’ll continue updating this over time, but these are the wedding venues that I’m familiar with in our city of Little Rock.

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