Congratulations! You’re in the wedding planning phase! Or helping a loved one plan their big day. Weddings are wonderful opportunities to bring together your favorite people and your favorite things all in one day, but the process can feel quite overwhelming. I’m a firm believer that *all* parts around getting hitched should be enjoyable, so that’s one of the reasons I put together this guide. If you’re looking to have your wedding here in Central Arkansas, this is a nearly comprehensive guide of all the venues we have around Little Rock, Conway, Russelville, Hot Springs, Searcy, Cabot, and everywhere in between.

This search can be quite a big task, and the big wedding planning websites include so many irrelevant results or sketchy options with very few details to wade through.

This is why I set out to create a comprehensive guide for all you need to know about finding a wedding venue in Central Arkansas, Little Rock, and all of our lovely little surrounding cities.

Little Rock central arkansas wedding venues - a comprehensive guide

Little Rock’s Wedding Venues

Arkansas’ capital city offers a myriad of great options for weddings at all price points, close access to the airport, and plenty of food and accommodation options for a wedding party and guests spending time outside of wedding day activities. Wedding venue styles in Little Rock range from the more rustic to modern and everything in between.

OUTDOOR VENUES in Little Rock:

Many of these outdoor venues have options for inside weddings as well, but the ones below are known more for their indoor setting.

INDOOR VENUES in Little Rock:

  1. Loft 1023
  2. Clinton Library
  3. Noah’s event center (permanently closed Feb 2020)



Getting married in a church is an age-old option that is still a great way to do a wedding. I’ve listed the most popular churches around downtown, but there’s certainly many others to choose from. Holding the ceremony at a church and then a reception at a separate venue is the most popular combination for churches and leaves opportunity for more customization and potentially some savings in budget.

Hot Springs Wedding Venues

Not only a historic and bustling touristy town, Hot Springs is also of of Central Arkansas’ most popular wedding destinations, bringing in couples from all over. Hosting one of the natural state’s most popular chapels and having a nice selection of unique venues to choose from, this is another great town to look into for your wedding planning.

hot springs arkansas wedding venues, barn at lost creek
Starry sky portrait at the Barn at Lost Creek

Searcy Area Wedding Venues

This is the place that I spent my first ten years in Arkansas and my introduction to the South, so I know it all too well. Searcy is a pretty wonderful town with some wonderful people, a budding food scene, and has a few great spots for weddings and many more for engagement sessions. I’ve photographed so many wonderful sessions and weddings here. This being a smaller town, I’ve included the surrounding areas as well.

Conway & Conway Wedding Venues

Tighter Budget, Elopement, or more Affordable Wedding Venues in Arkansas

Arkansas has some beautiful venues, but most of the ones listed above will cost a pretty penny. That may be worth it for most people, but there are certainly plenty of options for more various budgets. These options below will take a bit more planning, but may be just what you’re looking for.

Outdoorsy / DIY locations

These locations won’t have some of the same amenities as full service venues, but when you’re out in nature, decorations aren’t quite as necessary if the surroundings are beautiful. On the other hand, you might have to rent chairs, figure out transportation, restrooms, or other things that a more expensive place might have.

More Resources for Wedding Planning

A Photographer’s Guide to a Perfect Wedding day is a guide to wedding planning that I put together with some tips on how to put together your ideal wedding day without all the stress. (more resources coming soon!) Finding a wedding planner that is trustworthy and can take on the specifics and details that you’d rather not have to deal with can also be a wonderful step toward making wedding planning more enjoyable.

With anything, make sure you’re doing due diligence with the venues and vendors that you choose for your wedding. I did my best to only include reputable venues, but I can only vouch for a handful of these, so make sure you do extra research and read as many reviews as you can find before signing any contracts.

If you’re looking for a photographer or have something you’d add to this guide, feel free to contact me here or comment below. You can see more of my work on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Good luck and happy wedding planning!

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