Monica & Daniel Married!

Monica and Daniel are married! I’ve gotten to know Monica quite a bit over these past few years. We’ve had some good adventures in Arkansas in college and some fun and very memorable times with friends and my family up in Pennsylvania. And for this adventure–St. Louis! Monica and Daniel are both very sweet and fun people (which they seemingly inherited from their families :) ) which made for quite the fantastic wedding day.

Here is Monica and Daniel’s wedding day!

Abigail & James Married!

Abigail and James are married! It has been a pleasure getting to know these two and seeing them grow together. Abigail and James are both kind, gentle, loving, and always looking to put others first. I’m excited to see all the ways God will work through their marriage. :)

Part of what made me love this wedding so much was that Abigail and James’ families reminded me so much of my own family–close-knit, enjoy the simple things, and loving. Things couldn’t have been any more perfect. Here’s the wedding day!

Sarah Kaye & Brett Married!

What a wedding this was.

The highlight of this wedding wasn’t the dreamy sunrise beach setting, or the perfect light, or travelling to Florida. The highlight was seeing Sarah Kaye and Brett’s adoration for each other and the immense love and support from friends and family that has shaped them into who they are today.

Sarah Kaye and Brett are so loving and servant-hearted people…from their career choice of nursing to just really wanting to serve pancakes to all the guests at their wedding reception. It’s who they are. And they’re a blessing to so many people around them. It’s so great to see.

That’s what does it for me. Then again, the beautiful sunrise beach setting doesn’t hurt either. :)

And this is just the beginning…

Amber & Devon Married!

Amber and Devon are married! From the very first time we met, I could tell that the wedding was going to be a blast–Amber and Devon don’t take each other too seriously and are always joking and laughing with each other. The wedding day reflected this as well and was a relaxed time laughing with friends and family. I couldn’t help but grin seeing Amber’s smile grow throughout getting ready as it started to set in that the time to marry her best friend was finally here. Devon was also quite the exited and happy groom.

Here’s the smiles and laughter that is Amber and Devon’s wedding day! Thanks Zak Kelley for tagging along and getting some killer angles. :)

Auburn & Joey Married!

Auburn and Joey are married! I’ve known Auburn for a while now and she has always been a dear friend to me. It’s been a joy seeing Auburn become more and more on fire for God and I’ve always been inspired by Auburn’s heart and her resolve to excel in whatever she puts her mind to. It’s so good to see Auburn and Joey together…both on fire for God and with hearts of adventure. Greater things are to come for these two. :)

Here’s Auburn and Joey’s wedding day!

~ Jon

Brittney & Kevin Married!

Brittney and Kevin are married! These two not only fall under the category of incredible people to work with, but also have been great friends to me over the last few years. It’s been a blessing getting to know Brittney and Kevin over the past couple years and watching their relationship grow.

Kevin has grown near and dear to my heart especially since living in the same house this past year. I got to see first hand Kevin’s nervous excitement in planning to ask Brittney’s father for his blessing, his was holding onto the ring, being there for Kevin’s proposal, doing their engagement photos, and now–their wedding.

The wedding was a beautiful Dream come Pugh. :) Big thanks to the talented Drew Cason for shooting with me.

~ Jondalisa Rice (a Kevin nickname)

Chloe & Caleb Married!

Chloe and Caleb are married! It has been such a blessing getting to know these two. Chloe and Caleb are both calm, happy, and genuine — and their wedding day reflected those characteristics perfectly. There was so much joy and so much love. And so many incredible people. The Lord was there.

The story starts like this…

And this is just the beginning.

~ Jon

Scenic Arkansas Barn Wedding at Cypress Plantation

Velvet and Tyler are married! Well, they’ve been married for a little while now, but they still wanted to do the official wedding thing with family and friends. And so it was, they decided to have the raddest southern DIY wedding that I ever did see! :) Velvet and Tyler were nothing but smiles throughout the day and it was truly a blessing working with these two along with their friends and family.

Here’s their day.

Dress: Jess Myers
Florist: Tiffany Craft

Kaylea & Ishmael Married!

Kaylea and Ismael are married! These two are so caring and loving people. It was a great time of joy, friends, family, and celebration.

This is their day…

Big thanks to Ashel Parsons for shooting with me!

Hair: Holden & Co
Makeup: Cosmetic Studio
Dress: Maggie Soterro (The Bridal Cottage)
Florist: The Corner Florist & Gift
Cake: Sassy Sweets
Decor: In Any Event