Rebecca & Matthew Married!

Becca and Matt are married! I’ve known these two for quite a while. Both Becca and Matt have vivacious and creative spirits who together make quite a happy and unique couple! :) The wedding was held at Fellowship Bible church as the backup rain location, but everything still came together so perfectly!

Here’s the wedding story of Mr. and Mrs. Watson. Not pictured: the best wedding music playlist ever. :)

Thanks to Mark Gregory for shooting with me! He’s great. :)

Callie & Matt Married!

Callie and Matt are married! From the first time meeting them, Callie and Matt have always been such kind, fun, and easygoing people to work with. Their vibrant personalities mesh so well and I’m excited to see them finally married!

Here is a few of my favorite moments from their wedding day..

Thanks to the talented Ashel Parsons for shooting with me!

Emily & Dillon Married!

Emily and Dillon are married! It’s been a blast working with these two and seeing their personalities complement each other so well. Emily had a calm peace to her throughout the day and Dillon was brimming with anticipation and excitement.

Everything came together perfectly! Here’s their wedding day!

Thanks to Ashel Parsons for shooting with me! :)

Bammel Church of Christ Houston Wedding – Hannah & Payton

Hannah and Payton are married! We all got together on a warm Houston day at Bammel Church of Christ. These two are some of the greatest people I’ve had the fortune of meeting and being able to call my friends. They’re both so incredibly kind and loving, and both have such a love for people and each other. Being surrounded by Hannah and Payton and their friends and family who share so much joy with during this wedding celebration was such a blessing to be a part of.

These two are the real deal. With such a love for the Lord, other, and each other I know they’ll do big things.

2014 Wedding Year in Review

This past year has not paused in the slightest waiting for me to catch up on my photo review, but it was too awesome to skip over. :) There were so many great times that this will be a two-part post (weddings and non-weddings). 2014 marked another fantastic year working with the sweetest people in the world across six states. It seems as though people are still putting up with my quirky take on humor and my new found cat lady syndrome, so that’s a win in my book. :)

Included in this post are some of the greatest and most kind people I know. These folks are the real deal, always keeping me smiling and excited for the impact they’ll make in the world. It’s been my honor and privilege to share in so many momentous occasions of happiness, laughter, tears, anticipation, and joy.

This is the story of stories.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thanks for all of you who made it so special! :)

Franchesca & Nathan Married!

Franchesca and Nathan are married! These two are such sweet, unique, and genuine people. Nathan has always been a great friend and it has been great seeing him find Franchesca. Nathan and Franny both have kind servant hearts and always keep things positive… and hilarious. :)

It’s always a blessing spending the day with such amazing and loving people! Here are a few favorites from the Nathan and Franny wedding!

Planner: Anne-Claire Allen
Ceremony & Reception: Immanuel Baptist Church
Hair & Makeup: Dry & Dash
Cake: Sweet Love Bakes
Video: Floyd Cozart
Flowers: About Vase

Meredith & David Married!

Meredith and David are married! It has been wonderful seeing all the love between these two and being a part of this celebration. It’s always such a blessing when the family and friends are so kind and loving that make feel like a part of the family. I’ve photographed both of Meredith’s sibling’s weddings, so I like to think of myself as the fourth child by now. :)

It was a great time traveling and seeing new places, but I’ll always smile looking back on this weekend because of the laughter, excitement, and the special moments. These two are the real deal.

Big thanks to the talented Peyman Razavi for shooting with me, as well as the super sweet Ruth Carbo, coordinator extraordinaire. :)

Ceremony: Church at Clarendon, Arlington, VA
Reception: Snyder Center, Alexandria, VA
Hair & Makeup: Salon Dezen
Dress Designer: Essense of Australia
Flourist: Uncloudy Studios
DJ: Hesson Entertainment

Brooke & Nathan Married!

Brooke and Nathan are married! I’ve known these two for what seems like forever. It has been exciting seeing Nathan and Brooke throughout their relationship, seeing them grow together, seeing how their personalities compliment one another in so many ways, being there for Nathan’s proposal, doing some exploring on their engagement session, and also being here for the big wedding!

These two brighten every place or conversation they’re in and I couldn’t be happier to see them finally together. :)

Judsonia Arkansas Wedding – Rachel & Jason

Rachel and Jason are married! It has been such a joy working with these two. From first meeting in Midnight Oil–awkwardly sitting in the corner because the place was so packed–to hearing about their story, adventuring to Tahkodah while discovering some sweet music, to all the wedding planning, it’s been so great getting to know Rachel and Jason. They’re the real deal.

And then there was the wedding. Jason and Rachel’s families together made quite the perfect collaboration of hilarity, love, and an overall fun nature. All this made for quite the killer time.

Here is Rachel and Jason’s wedding day!