Ryan + Caitlin

Caitlin and Ryan are now married! I’ve known these two for what seems like forever and it’s crazy to see them all gown up and married. ;) I’d like to say that I played a small part in getting them together, but realistically they probably wouldn’t have been able to stay apart either way. Caitlin and Ryan are so in love with God and so in love with each other. It’s truly great to be a part of the lives of such a loving and genuine couple.

They’re also super cute. :) Here’s the wedding at the classic Harding University Cone Chapel…

texas longhorns garder

parents seeing bride

bride and groom first look

i love u bride and groom

harding university photographer wedding

laughing in heritage building

dad giving daughter away

harding christmas lights wedding

searcy wedding photographer

sparkler exit

Shout out to Ashel Parsons as 2nd photographer and Justin Harris as ceremony video guy. :) Also Dell-icious Cakes and Aramark catering.

~ Jon

Clare + Dylan Married!

Giving someone a ride–normally a pretty normal and ordinary part of college life, but for Clare and Dylan it turned into something much more. A mutual friend needed a friend picked up, Dylan was the man, they met, and now the rest is history. Now through a common purpose and love for the Lord and each other, the future is looking bright. :)

The wedding was at Tahkodah. The style was really cool and I thought it was perfect for Clare and Dylan in reflecting their personality. From the picnic blanket seating to the outdoor reception to the rocking dance floor, it was great.

And for their honeymoon? A camping and kayaking trip! How cool is that? :) Clare and Dylan–thanks for having me be a part of your special day. Stay awesome. :) Here’s glimpse of their wedding story…

wheat wedding decoration

bears ring shot

Clare and Dylan opted to do the first look–a meeting before the wedding to take a few seconds to relax and actually slow down for a bit. It’s a really special time and it happens to make for some great photos too.

woods first see bride and groom

The guests.

wedding guests on picnic blankets

camp tahkodah wedding photographer

Mr. and Mrs!

The cake eating. (photo by Gibs)

Then on to the dance floor!

Yeah Clare… workin’ it. ;)

camp tahkodah dancing

Chaney got the bouquet!

And Charlie gets the garter. Is this fate? I guess we’ll see. ;)

And finally, walking to the car. They made it.  :)

~ Jon

Rosie + Jared Married!

Rosie and Jared got married this past weekend!  I’ve known both of them for quite some time and have been encouraged through their lives and the examples they’ve set.

It’s amazing how God can unite two people from such different walks of life, different families, different continents.  How two people that grew up about 9000 miles apart are now united as one.  Here’s the wedding.  :)

Jared’s family was great…and hilarious.  :)

Travis’ songs and comments were really touching.  He rocked it as an MC too.  :-)

And they’re off!  It was a great wedding, a great group of people, a fun time, and a day to remember.

Thanks to Ashel for helping me out and for being a rocking second shooter.  :)

~ Jon