Heritage Acres Wedding – Sara & Christopher

This isn’t the most timely of wedding posts, but this is a favorite wedding of mine and I wanted to highlight it here on the blog. Sara and Chris are such fun and bring big smiles to everyone around them with their colorful personalities. The wedding day all took place at Heritage Acres, which is a beautiful venue with owners that really care about their clients and about providing a smooth experience for everyone that comes through their doors.

Thank you Sara and Christopher for having me there to tell the story of this incredible day! They shared this about their experience:

We have been so impressed by the extreme talent of Jon. He is one of the most talented photographers we have ever encountered. We’ve been to many weddings since ours, but in our opinion, no other photographers can compare to his incredible skills. He was so organized and prepared. He went above and beyond the usual role of a photographer on our wedding day, he even helped us stay on schedule!

Houston’s Venue Northeast Arkansas Wedding – Caitie & Ben

I’m convinced that thankfulness is something that can be felt just like a cold winter’s breeze or the freshness of an early Spring day. It’s something that can be sensed without being named.

Caitie and Ben are an example of this to me. This year turned out to be quite a difficult change from the thought of an exciting new decade of twenty-twenty (maybe I’m just weird to really think this is the coolest sounding year) to what it became, but that didn’t stop the excitement that Caitie and Ben had to finally be married.

The whole wedding was beautiful, from all the details to the beaming flower girls and ring bearer to romantic candle-lit atmosphere, but what shone brightest was the joy, anticipation, and thankfulness that Caitie and Ben had for each other, to have each other and to be married along with their dearest family and friends.

And that’s something really special to always hold on to. These two are very blessed to have each other and I am very blessed to have been a part of this.

Downtown Little Rock Elopement – Mahala & Jim

Mahala and Jim had the most wonderful downtown Little Rock elopement that no pandemic could stop. A few of the plans had to be adjusted due to getting married in maybe/hopefully the strangest time we’ll witness, but Mahala and Jim had a beautiful Saint Patrick’s Day wedding among family and I don’t think it could have been any more perfect. These two are two peas in a pod and I know they have a lot more wonderful adventures in store.

Hot Springs Sunset Wedding – Courtney & Dillon

I met these two at my favorite local coffee shop here in Little Rock. We talked about all the things from how Courtney and Dillon met, to being surrounded with friends and family (of whom many are criers), to dreams and aspirations. We might have even talked about this wedding day and photography, even if just a little at the end.

From the very first email, I’ve been impressed with how caring and intentional Courtney and Dillon are, being incredibly gifted people who always make you feel loved and heard. As we were leaving the coffee shop, I asked what other plans they had while in Little Rock, expecting that they would have scheduled something fun, wedding planning, or food/cake taste testing. But no, they had just driven hours from Oklahoma to meet in person. This was incredibly humbling to me and I think is a small look into how much these two are willing to go out of their way to build connection and invest in the lives of the people they care about.

Courtney and Dillon’s wedding day was just beautiful and fit their personalities so well. Just as expected, there were very many happy tears shed, much laughter, and no shortage of unapologetic dancing. It was truly a wonderful day and I couldn’t feel luckier to be a part of this.

Behind the Photos & Favorite Moments

I’ve always been drawn to stories. In life and through photography, I’m always looking to capture real moments and personality that can tell a story in just one photograph. This has led me to wedding photography and is a dominant thought in my approach to capturing every photograph that I take: how can I tell this person’s story through this portrait and what can I do to make this more meaningful?

This time around, I’m going to hand the mic over to some of the greats that I’ve worked with this past year. The questions I asked were: Has there been anything unexpected about how you enjoy your photos on a day to day basis? Also, do you have a photo from your wedding day that sticks out to you because of a story behind it? And then finally, looking back on your wedding day, does anything you were worried about beforehand matter as much now?

*passes the mic, obligatory event audio screech/feedback, faces grimace around the room, then the show continues…*

St. Mary’s Church Wedding in Hot Springs

I’m so excited to share this wedding! Mary and Joe are some of the sweetest people to work with. They’re kind, full of love for life and each other, and quite the singer/dancer duo. :) The ceremony was at the pretty downtown St. Mary’s of the Springs church in Hot Springs with the reception following held at one of my favorite venues in Hot Springs, the Hamp Williams building.

This day started out with friends laughing together and finished up with friends and family dancing, laughing, and singing together. It was quite a wonderful time indeed.

Ellis + Kristen // Iceland Destination Wedding

With marriage being one of life’s greatest adventures, why not make your wedding one of your life’s greatest adventures?

I imagine this is what went through Kristen and Ellis’ head thinking ahead to this day. But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. Let’s rewind to the backstory.

Ellis and Kristen had been friends for a little while through work and mutual friends. Kristen has always wanted to backpack up to Everest Base Camp in Nepal and Ellis mentioned wanting to go as well. As this dream turned into concrete plans, the plans turned into first dates of training for the climb. Nothing was official in their relationship until after their trip when Ellis asked if they should date. I’m assuming that a few other events likely happened in between, but now our story resumes here. In Iceland. With nearly 30 of Kristen and Ellis’ favorite humans.

This whole wedding trip was so personalized and unique to Ellis and Kristen and their desire to spend purposeful time with friends and family. We were able to take several day trips as a group, go hiking, swimming, having a great dip off (who could make the best dip), worshiping together at our nice cottage, exploring Reykjavik, and chasing waterfalls. This three day wedding adventure was concluded with a nice dinner at the harbor.

All this feels like a wonderful reunion. Spending so much quality time with these people made these old and new friends feel like family. So happy for these sweet newlyweds. Words and photos can’t capture all of the beauty of God’s creation and His workings in the lives of these two, but it can show a whole lot of the magic. And that’s enough for me.

Here we go.

Kena & Sheridan Wedding – The Silos Barn

Kena and Sharidan were married at the beautiful Silos barn in Bono, Arkansas in on a chilly December day. These two have hearts of gold and hanging out with their friends and family was a joy. Being around such a strong and loving family is truly inspiring. :)

Congratulations Kena and Sheridan!