Eric & Mary Joy Proposal

I always enjoy being a part of proposals. The planning and then follow through of being part of such an exhilarating and joyous occasion always makes me feel a little bit like a detective. :)

This is Eric and Mary Joy — truly wonderfully joyous people. Congrats you two!

Zach & Cassie Proposal

Welps, Zach and Cassie are officially engaged! I’ve known Zach forever–and when I say that, it’s barely an exaggeration. I’ve known him since I was a wee little child. We’ve been best of friends through youth group, being room/housemates throughout college (plus a few years), and we’re still friends even now–1000 miles away and both terrible at long distance communication. Have I mentioned that he’s a great guy? ;)

This particular story kinda starts at a wedding that I was photographing. I knew Cassie from college somehow or another and we exchanged the regular hellos/how’s life talk during some down time at the reception. Randomly enough, Cassie told me that she was about to start a travel nursing position in Pennsylvania. Way cool, right!? It being my home state and all. Later on I followed up and suggested Cassie check out my home church congregation in PA… and she did!

And that’s where Cassie met Zach.

I’d like to think that this little encounter was not a random occurrence at all. I’d also like to sew a boy scout badge on myself for excellent wilderness matchmaking skills. But if I’m being realistic about things (though, what’s the fun in that?), I think they would have found each other either way.

So that’s my side of the story! Fast forward to this past weekend at Mastodon Park near St. Louis, this is how the next part of the story goes…

And I couldn’t be happier for these two. ♥

Sam & Briana Proposal

Sam and Briana are engaged! I always get excited planning to document a proposal. The wedding and the whole uniting together as one is a pretty exciting and spectacular time in itself, but the proposal is always a special kind of exciting. For Sam’s proposal, I positioned myself on the bridge by the Clinton Library, disguised as a sunset-enthusiast photographer taking pictures on a pretty Little Rock Sunday evening. Sam and Briana had been on a nicedate and decided to top it all off by taking a scenic walk…

And the rest is history! Here’s a little piece of Sam and Briana’s story…


Jonathan & Danielle Proposal

One of my best friends in this world is engaged! It has been a long time coming, but Jonathan finally proposed! I’m thinking it was part of his plan to wait so long to propose to build anticipation for the real thing…and everything worked out perfectly. :)

I’ve been a part of a lot of proposals, but this one felt a bit different. Being super close to Jon and Danielle was part of it, but we also were tasked with setting everything up and making everything just right. I’d say it turned out rather well! And she said yes! :) I’m super excited to see what’s ahead for Jon and Danielle. Here are a few of the pictures!


Nathan & Franchesca Proposal!

And so it goes, Nathan proposed to Franchesca, she said yes, and the adventures begin!

I’m thinking that I’ll never again photograph a proposal quite like this one. :) The cross section room/lab at UAMS was the place that Nathan first saw Franchesca as more than a friendly classmate and possibly a whole lot more. Over a year ago, Nathan had “Franchesca Schandevel” engraved on a Bible, knowing that this day would come.

And it happened, Nathan proposed to Franchesca in the room — cautioned against by a professor due to its non-romantic nature — and it was just perfect.

I couldn’t be more happy for these two! ~ Jon

Nathan & Brooke Proposal!

This past weekend I got to be a part of Nathan’s proposal to Brooke! I’ve always held these two in the highest regard so I was super excited when Nathan asked me to document the the big event!

I was hiding all sneaky like in the nearby forest waiting for all the excitement to happen. There’s a lot more to this story, but this is the abridged version: casually eating a picnic on a remote tree farm, candles, smiles, Brooke yelling “I want to marry Nathan!” because there no one else around (hah!), Nathan taking a knee, lots of excitement, and a “YES!” or three from Brooke. :)

So happy these two are now ENGAGED! Here’s their big evening…

~ Jon

Mark + Courtney Proposal!

It happened. A night of dinner and a movie turned into dinner and a drive out to the place where Mark and Courtney shared their first kiss. After a walk through rows of candles, gifts that signified gifts given over the past 18 months, some sweet words and recollection, and a final gift and question, Courtney said yes!

I’m so excited for these two! I had a blast being there in hiding, probably grinning the whole time. :) Congratulations Courtney and Mark!

This was from my spot in the grass where I was army crawling all around. This is serious business. :)

~ Jon

Pinnacle Mountaintop Marriage Proposal in Little Rock

The scene: a most beautiful Arkansas day, perfect weather, a cool summer breeze, a hiking trip planned for Pinnacle mountain, a picnic lunch.

I was pretty excited when Mitchell told me his plans of proposing to Lauren on top of Pinnacle mountain. Mitchell has a heart of gold and any girl good enough for Mitch is a winner in my mind. :)

pinnacle engagement

pinnacle mountain proposal

little rock proposal photographer

Mitchell is also a master scrap booker.

Congratulations to Mitch and Lauren! =)

~ Jon