Blessings & Christmas

These are the people that I call blessings.

This month has been quite exciting. Many of my beloved family members and relatives came down for my brother’s wedding. It was like a family reunion…plus wedding. :)

These are the brave souls that jumped in the river. Crazy.

Most of the family that made it down. :-)

And now…more blessings! God is so good. The Smith family was gracious enough to invite me over for all their Christmas festivities. They were way too kind and made me feel like a part of the family.

Master Chef Mr. Smith showing us the way to cook a ham.

After playing some games, we headed over to the Smith family gathering. The food was sooo good:

Catching up with old friends, more games…

And then it snowed!

I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing and loving people.

This is the last project 52 theme (blessings). It has been fun! Check out the perspective of Cheryl Weaver…who also happens to be a blessing in my life. :)

~ Jon


My brother is married! I was excited to be a part of this wedding where my only responsibility was enjoying the moments…along with walking up and down the aisle with my grandparents and trying to keep composure as I stood by Christian and Marcy. It was special. :)

It also gave me a new appreciation for the all the small things that happen during and around a wedding. Having the first person perspective gave me a new resolve to capture everything that I felt at my brother’s wedding, and tell that same story for others through pictures. Because it is all the small things that add up to this beautiful thing that we call life.

Last night single... and under the stars.

And they became one.

~ Jon

Night sky

This week’s project 52 theme is favorites. I’ve never been one to haveonefavorite thing. Orange used to be my favorite color to wear, my favorite music of my high school years are (thankfully) have changed…favorites are tough! Since I’m an optimist, I’ll just say that everything is my favorite. ;)

So instead of a favorite, I’m going to highlight one of my favorite things: stars (and God’s creation). It’s overwhelming that God hold the whole universe in His hand and cares about someone as insignificant as me. Our busy life is just a speck in this universe… and God’s so much bigger and He cares for you.

Just look up.

Be still and know that I am God. Next up is Anissa’s 52 on friday favorite.

~ Jon

Apple Cider

One of our thanksgiving traditions is to make apple cider. We don’t actually make it, but this cider wouldn’t have been made without our intervention so I think it’s close enough. :) It’s always a fun little thing to do with family. First we buy the apples from an orchard, then we bring it to the press and they do the juicing. There are some steps in between but that’s the short version.

Next up on the blog is our thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year because it’s the one where I get to see so many of my loving and sweet family. Sweet like cider. :)

This is the place!

We gots some apples!

Juggling skills. ahahaha.

Apple photographers. ;)

The little store!

Now onto the brewing(!?) process.

All the apples get cut into a pulp which goes in between these plates.

It’s then squeezed out, strained, and then pumped to be bottled!

Soon enough, you have close to 50 gallons of delicious cider! Mmm.

~ Jon

One frame

Happy Thanksgiving! Better late than never. My thanksgiving consisted of driving to Pennsylvania, eating lots of food, seeing four snowflakes, doing manly things ;), and some really great family time. It was wonderful.

I have lots to catch up on! A wedding, portraits, and personal things coming up here in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

~ Jon


Once upon a time (last month),
In a land far, far away (1000 miles)
Three courageous, unknown travelers (me, brother Christian and fiance Marcy)
Set off on a journey for reasons unknown (wedding, visiting family, etc.)
To continue their story, most of which is yet to be told…

Here’s a few pictures from last month’s journey to Pennsylvania. :)

A whole lot of driving.

Some family activities.

Visited the lovely sisters.

Then we left for Arkansas.

The end.

~ Jon


This week’s project 52 theme is texture. What better display of texture than a picture of my brother and Marcy being engaged?

The texture of love.

Full post coming this weekend! Check out Erin Bunting’s post as well.


~ Jon

Zori + Matt Married!

Zori and Matt are married! It’s been a blessing growing up with such a kind, genuine cousin as Zori. She always had the highest of standards in guys and waited for God’s timing–which led to this day. :) I’m excited to see God continue to shine through Zori and Matt.



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