It’s December!

December is my blog vacation month. :) The past few weeks have been crazy and great. A few things:

  • My brother is married! And I have a new sister.
  • I got to see lots of family. Always great.
  • We had a successful Searcy Help Portrait! It was so encouraging being a part of. I’ll blog some pictures sometime soon.
  • I’m older and wiser. :)

Adios, happy holidays, and Merry Christmas!

~ Jon

Mini Help Portrait

About a month ago, a few photographer friends and I went to a retirement home here in Searcy. Our mission was to bless people through photography. Some of these people hadn’t had professional pictures taken of them in many, many years. It was an honor to be able to serve these people through making them feel important, taking their portrait, and then printing and giving them their picture.

This coming Saturday, December 8th, is our yearly Help Portrait: Searcy. It’s like this mini event, but much bigger. If you’d like to help out in any way (organization, meet-and-greet, etc.), contact or text me!

Sweet little Adalyn!

It’s pretty safe to say that photographers prefer to be behind the camera. :) Shout out to the Howards of Taylor Howard Photography and Kristen and Cheryl of Zoe Photographic Group for coming out! You guys are the best! :)

~ Jon

Yoder Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is quite the holiday in the Yoder clan. It’s our biggest get together of the year and is an occasion treasured by all of the family. It’s a time of much fellowship, food, and good times with family.

This is the abridged version.

Before all the family came from near and far, we helped cut up some wood for grandma. :)

It’s the woods men.

Fellowship and food. Oh my…the food.

Cute little Asher.

mmm pie!

Impromptu wedding shower / wisdom session.

Bible memory.

Talent show!

NY fashion professional and the precious Bek and Justin.

After the Thanksgiving festivities, we all hang out in the house some more, eat leftovers…

Have some tea..

Sometimes we have a rubber band fight. ;)

And I should probably never make that face again. Noted. Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Jon

Apple Cider

One of our thanksgiving traditions is to make apple cider. We don’t actually make it, but this cider wouldn’t have been made without our intervention so I think it’s close enough. :) It’s always a fun little thing to do with family. First we buy the apples from an orchard, then we bring it to the press and they do the juicing. There are some steps in between but that’s the short version.

Next up on the blog is our thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year because it’s the one where I get to see so many of my loving and sweet family. Sweet like cider. :)

This is the place!

We gots some apples!

Juggling skills. ahahaha.

Apple photographers. ;)

The little store!

Now onto the brewing(!?) process.

All the apples get cut into a pulp which goes in between these plates.

It’s then squeezed out, strained, and then pumped to be bottled!

Soon enough, you have close to 50 gallons of delicious cider! Mmm.

~ Jon


Once upon a time (last month),
In a land far, far away (1000 miles)
Three courageous, unknown travelers (me, brother Christian and fiance Marcy)
Set off on a journey for reasons unknown (wedding, visiting family, etc.)
To continue their story, most of which is yet to be told…

Here’s a few pictures from last month’s journey to Pennsylvania. :)

A whole lot of driving.

Some family activities.

Visited the lovely sisters.

Then we left for Arkansas.

The end.

~ Jon

Saint Louis

This past month a few housemates and I went on a road trip to St. Louis. Not really for any reason in particular, just to get out of town and see the world–and that’s important.

Nothing like a change of scenery to find some inspiration. :)

We didn’t exactly plan to camp every nigh–our plans were pretty non-concrete, but I’m glad we did! I miss starry skies like this.

The most fascinating of fish species.

And some phone pictures…

Mud House coffee shop was pretty cool. City museum was the most cool.

This concludes the Saint Louis adventure. More adventures to come.

~ Jon

On the Road

I always wonder if I should apologize for neglecting this blog or pretend that I don’t have a problem with this. It probably doesn’t matter. Or, the more likely scenario, I doubt anyone is sorely offended at my lack of updates so I should probably forgo the whole notice.

Maybe next time.

I’ve been traveling quite a bit this month. Driving has really helped me appreciate the phenomenon known as audio books. One series that has been especially great is a radio show/podcast on Biblical theology known as the White Horse Inn. I’m very familiar with all the Bible stories, parables, and various head knowledge, but that doesn’t always mean anything. Discovering new perspectives and truths that I’ve never before seen is so exciting to me. A few concepts that have been significant to me are that people still change, God’s word is still living and active, and we have some work to do.

Here are a few of my favorite episodes: (highly recommended)

And here’s a picture from the road:

phone man on highway voltswagon

More to come.

~ Jon

Beautiful Rain

There’s something magical about rain. The sounds, the noise, the feelings, the newness. It’s just good.

Playing in it = highly recommended. Leave inhibitions aside. Clothes dry. Boring tasks can wait. Live.

jumping in rain

splashing picture
~ Jon

Out To Eat

Going out to eat. Not always what you think. At least not in my family. :)

Yesterday mom had this glorious idea of going out to eat. Kinda as a celebration that Felicia and I were heading off to our respective sides of the country. Peace and tranquility returning to the Yoder stables.

It was grand ol’ night. I love my family a whole whole lot. And the food was pretty delicious. I think it was called chicken something with fruit and nuts (probably not). To think that Pinterest was not used in the making of such a meal. Unheard of.

Here’s a picture of my mom. This is a video that I found this week about treasuring life, not very relevant. And…here are some pictures of our little feast out in the little corner of the world that I sometimes call home.

~ Jon