Next Up: Charleston

Continuing on my July roadtrip…

I visited my dear friends Cory and Lindleigh in Charleston. These two were and are some of my best friends in the world and it was time to pay them a visit. :) Charleston is a super cool and fun city. There resides some really great people and a great church, it’s close to the beach(!), and the culture is diverse and interesting.

I would say that it ranks in my top 5 cities. My other 4 current (and always changing) favorite cities –> Little Rock, Philly, Saint Louis, Memphis. But that’s neither here nor there. Here’s a glimpse of my adventures with Cory and Lindleigh.

Take home lessons:

  • People are much more fun to photograph than dogs.
  • The beach and a little bit of sunburn is theraputic.
  • …as is good music on a road trip.

~ Jon

Next Stop: Memphis

This is the chronicle of part 2 and part 7 of my July adventures. (I visited twice) Rosie and Alex are some of the coolest people I know. They’re extremely nice, fun, and giving of what they have. They house a crazy amount of couch surfers, are super loving, and are great at making the world a better place. :)

~ Jon

Colorado Adventures

July of this year was my adventure month. I’ll be documenting all the different places I went over the next couple weeks. It all starts in Colorado… Denver and surrounding areas. Colorado is easy to love.

~ Jon

Sylamore Creek

Sylamore Creek in Mountain View, Arkansas is one of my favorite places anywhere. I like what God does.

~ Jon

Fire Painting

I love trying new things. One thing I’ve been thinking about for a while is fire painting. I don’t know if that’s the official name for it, but it’s basically light painting, but with fire instead of phones or flashlights. I don’t even remember how it came up, but earlier this year I discovered that my friend Carmen and her brother Alec had some experience in this. After a few months we were able to find a day that we could all meet up and do some pyrotecnics!

This is the result.

Caution and research is advised if you ever try this at home. :) Thanks to Carmen, Alec, and Alex for coming along, modeling, and fire dancing minus dancing. ;)

~ Jon

A Pennsylvania Adventure part 2

Here’s more pictures from my (and Christian and Marcy’s) Pennsylvania adventure. We went hiking! Ricketts Glen State Park is a classic childhood hiking spot for my family. It’s a pretty great place and as a bonus, allegedly has 22 named waterfalls.

I love adventuring with my family. :)

~ Jon

A Pennsylvania Adventure

This past month my brother and sister in law road tripped up to Pennsylvania to visit family and go to my cousin’s wedding. My family is such a huge blessing to me–both relatives and immediate family. Having so many loving aunts, uncles, and cousins has always made family gatherings quite exciting.

More to come.

~ Jon

Snow Portraits

My favorite local town of Searcy took a little break from the beautiful spring weather to get cold for a week…and then it snowed. :) Extreme weather always makes me want to go outside and take pictures. This past week when it started snowing, I grabbed a few of my closest favorite people and went outside to do some snow pictures.

So far I’ve been fortunate enough to never have a wedding that I’m photographing get rained out…but part of me would be excited for some rainy wedding pictures. :) Photographing in the rain or snow can add difficulty to the photography but can aid in some pretty cool results.

snow portrait

snow photography

snow silhoette portrait

dogwood tree snow

searcy photography

So long, winter.

~ Jon

2012 Year In Review

This is a story of travels, laughter, ups, downs, happiness, fresh air, new places, friends, excitement, newness, love. In a word, adventure.

This is the the last 365 days of my life.

I can’t help but feel overwhelmed looking over everything from this past year. There’s been so many things that have happened. God has blessed me in so many ways. But I have no words to express how I feel, just pictures. So, this is my story. This is my life. I hope it inspires you to create, find adventure, and to live life to the fullest.

Merry 2012.

music: my only swerving / the breeze


I live by the perspective that there’s adventure everywhere. You just have to find it. And that I did…

I hung out with Kelsey and Katie a bunch! This is our BFF zonkey.

I hung out around the house quite a bit. These are a few of my very excited models.

You can just see the excitement dripping off of them… ;)

I did a PTP photo booth. Fun!

Went to the zoo with some party animals.

I hung out with Spencer a bunch! This guy is a master web designer who can’t stop learning stuff. :)

It’s Katherine! And then there’s Madison who doesn’t like hugs. Weird. I starve without hugs…which is why I went to Harding.

My brother graduated! As did Marcy the new sister. :)

I’d live in the water if I could. I’m also fascinated by construction..

More adventures!

In the sky…in the water.

The wonderful Lisa Carr. This was from her show Prodigals.

Fun times, light painting, birthday caking…

This is the place that Yoder apple cider is made.

Fun times with the family!

I helped a few of my best friends move out. It’s a sad thing but I guess moving on is just a fact of life.

I’ll miss this guy a ton. Without him there will be less coffee consumption, less pointless driving around times, and less Chic-Fil-A.

Travels…from the streets of St. Louis to the mountain tops of Pennsylvania.

That is one crazy Canadian.

So…this guy is the bomb–I love him dearly. Everybody buy his music, k? :)


The second annual Help Portrait: Searcy was a success! I am so blessed to be friends with these people. Some of the nicest photographers around. :)


I love love. First, proposals… from a Little Rock mountain top to a field in Searcy.

You didn’t hear it from me…but I kinda miss going to ring ceremonies. :)

I photographed a few engagements! I love spending time with couples and seeing their love for each other shown in their own personal way. It’s beautiful.

Bridal sessions are always fun! But then who am I kidding…all this is fun. :) If it’s not, I’m doing it wrong.

And then…weddings! I love photographing weddings and spending time with two people on one of the most important days of their life. I’m so blessed to be able to work with some of the most kind, genuine, and loving people that make what I do so fulfilling.

I also shot a whole lot of weddings with other photographers!

Most of my assistant photography weddings were with Lori Sparkman! These are her poses. :)!

I also had the pleasure of doing portraits for some awesome people.

Also, my brother got married! I now have a sister Marcy!

I spent Christmas with the Smith family. They’re just fantastic people! =)

I did a few other things, too.

That’s my life. Thanks for following along. None of this would be possible without all to the people around me that encourage and inspire me.

Thank you.

Here’s to an even more adventurous 2013.

~ Jon