Continuing on in my friend portrait project, this is my friend Jamie! She’s been a great friend who can always add wise and thoughtful words to any conversation, is quite cultured and intelligent, and is a class act friend. :)


Loveland Pass is quite the magical place. This trip was a nice combination of hiking until I felt like death, skiing & then repeating both of those. But all in the best adventurous and beautiful-scene-overload way. :) Also, when everything is this pretty, it’s hard to not jam pack the schedule with exploring all this goodness.

I just need to do a wedding here next time. :)

This is Loveland Pass in Georgetown and the Flatirons trail/mountain in Boulder, Colorado. dreams.

2014 Personal Year in Review

I’m a sucker for nostalgia. I put a lot of weight into reflecting over past memories and highlighting the goodness of life. That’s a big part of why I do photography–to show real stories through photographs.

Other Year In Review Posts– Sessions // Weddings

Here are the highlights of 2014.

And that’s it! I’m so grateful to all the people that made this year so special…in and out of these photos. Adventures by themselves aren’t quite the same. :)

~ Jon

Thanksgiving Wonderland

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope it has been an incredible time for you, dear reader, and will continue to look up and up. :) You wouldn’t be able to get this vibe from my quiet blog and social media pages, but I’ve been reinvigorated to write more on here and share more of the work that I’ve been involved in. This won’t be too sappy or introspective, that’s for a later day, but I do intend to post on here more often and share my thoughts and process behind my photos.

Today I’m going to highlight arguably the most special time of the year for the Yoder family — Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s the one time of the year that most all of my extended family gets together to share, feast, and do a family tradition or two or three. :) One of the greatest gifts that I’ve been blessed with in life is having such a loving family and extended family, so it’s always a good time when we’re all together.

Here are a few glimpses of my week back in Pennsylvania.

In order:

  1. It snowed!
  2. Friend thanksgiving at my sisters house. Extra thanksgiving food is always welcome. :)
  3. Yoder Thanksgiving! Always full of wonderful memories.
  4. We visited Centralia, Pennsylvania! A mystic nearly abandoned town not far from where my parents live. It has quite the story to it and is most famous for its underground coal mine fire that wouldn’t go away. Quite a cool place!

I photographed my cousin Rebekah and Justin’s wedding several summers ago and wasn’t able to do engagement pictures due to the 1000 mile distance. So–I couldn’t help but get a couple. :) A few years later and more in love than ever!

And that was my week in Pennsylvania.

Pacific Northwest Abridged

These are a few of my favorite photos from our family trip to the Pacific Northwest! I plan to do a part 2 post with a lot more photos and a lot more writing, but this is my official start! :) It was quite an incredible trip with the entirety of my family adventuring in some of the prettiest places I’ve ever been.

It was wonderful.

The Legend of the Kitteh

Introducing… my favorite new member of the family since my brother’s wedding. This is Cramer aka Chumbo aka Prim (his female pen name).  But I just call him Kitteh. He’s pretty much the best. His schedule consists of sleeping/snuggling/lazing 80% of the day and night, and then the other 20% is running around like a mad man (mad cat?) terrorizing guests and housemates alike, finding anything possible to chase or swat at.

He’s been quite the crazy but great subject. I would also guess that he’s one of the top 5 photographed cats ever. He doesn’t seem to care too much about these pictures, but I appreciate the positive feedback that I’ve gotten from the human people. :)

If you’d like to follow more of Kitteh Cramer’s shenanigans, check out the facebook Kitteh album!

Humans pictured: momma Chelsey, pappa Woody (he’s the dad, I’m just the godfather), and my little buddy Jay, future NBA star. Also, free climbing obstacle Kristy.

~ Jon

The Blue Space

A small portion of an adventure in the snow we had yesterday. Some coffee, some creative sledding, and a full day. This is at the Heber Springs cliffs.

The winter cold is only as terrible as you let it be.

2013 Year In Review!

2013 has been so good to me. Looking back, I think of so many blessings, so many good times, and so many new experiences. I’m not going to say that it has been my best year yet, but it’s right there at the top. And for that I’m thankful.

This is a little taste of my year…from personal to professional and everywhere in between.

background music, if you’re into that: my brother, this mystic tune, or
this playlist of a few random favorite songs of 2013 [spotify]

The last set of images is from my Instagram, my favorite social media site as of late.

Looking forward to 2014, my biggest aspirations are for more God, more giving, more sharing, more experiencing, and less time spent on things easily forgotten. Life’s too short.

Thank you for being here! To those of you that have been in front of my camera, thanks for inspiring me with your love for the people around you. To the amazing group of people that I’ve been able to call friends and also clients, thank you for welcoming me and having me tell the story of some of the most exciting times of your life.

I couldn’t do this without the support of friends and family and those of you that share and recommend me to your in-love friends. That’s what keeps me going! I’m so blessed to be able to work with some of the most incredibly loving, genuine people. For that I’m thankful. :)

Do big things. Adventure. Investigate the world outside of your comfort zone. Try some crock pot recipes. Go see new things. Give. Turn off the noise. Focus. Re-focus. Pursue. Laugh. Dream.

Happy 2014. Make it count.

~ Jon

Music City

The final segment of my July roadtrip adventure: Nashville.

Continuing on my journey of visiting some of my favorite distant friends. This is…adventures exploring and hanging out in Nashville mixed with some awesome couple + dog family photos. :)

And they’re still super in love. :)

~ Jon