Stefanie + Tommy Engaged!

Stefanie and Tommy are super creative, cute, quirky, and hilarious! I had an absolute blast taking these engagement pictures. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to not smile when you’re around them because they’re always joking and being too cute. :)

train bridge portraits

I love this one so much!

searcy engagement photographers

kissing portrait

barn engagement session

downtown searcy portraits

Taking a quick break from saving the world.

Yep. They’re awesome. :)

~ Jon

Elizabeth + Paul Engaged!

This is a couple that has become very near and dear to my heart. Paul is the guy that will teach you by example to create memories and do things that scare you. This comes in the form of spelunking, camping in the most remote of locations, having a dune buggy (epic!), fixing anything, and going on any adventure that comes up. Elizabeth is a fun-loving, bright, supportive, and all around great person. :)

Yes, they’re quite perfect for each other. :) Here are the pictures!

A salamander! (Paul has crazy great vision :))

camp wyldewood engagement portraits

dancing portraits

searcy ar engagement photographer
~ Jon

Becca + Andrew Engaged!

I had an awesome time taking pictures Becca and Andrew. They a really sweet and genuine couple that work so well together. I’ve known Andrew for quite a while now and it’s great to see that he found an awesome girl to live life with. :)

We didn’t know if the weather would hold up, but the day turned out great. Instead of cold rain (which was the forecast), it was warm and dry outside! God is good.

searcy arkansas engagement photography

riverside rocks portrait

downtown searcy engagement photographer

~ Jon

Amy and Kyle

Amy and Kyle have been my friends since what seems like forever. Just thinking about Amy or Kyle, so many great memories come to mind from mission trip experiences to club activities to just doing whatever friends do. I can’t say enough good things about Amy and Kyle…they’re just too awesome.

Amy and Kyle had some other engagement pictures done, but also wanted some Harding pictures of them since this is where the magic started. :-)

It happened–they walked through the bell tower together. It’s sealed. BUT, Kyle allegedly already walked through there alone. Myth busted? :)

As they say, three swings and a ring. True story. ;)

~ Jon

Kelsey + Jeremy Engaged!

Some people just have that certain aura to them that makes anywhere they go a happier place. This is definitely the case with Kelsey and Jeremy. They’re always joking around and laughing and it’s quite contagious. :)

It was a blast being able to document just a piece of the love that these two have. Love you guys. :) Here are the photos…

searcy engagement photographer

flowers save the date

mountain engagement portrait

laughing portrait

searcy couple kissing portrait

The slideshow:

~ Jon

Caitlin + Ryan Engaged!

Fun loving, caring, down to earth, and grounded. These are some of the things that come to mind when I think of Caitlin and Ryan. When together, Caitlin and Ryan just light up the room with joy. You can just tell that they adore each other. It’s so great to see.

The engagement session was a lot of fun. Probably too much fun, if that were possible. It has been a blessing to call these two my friends. :-)

~ Jon

Rosie + Jared Engaged

This coming as a surprise to no one as Rosie and Jared got married this past weekend, but I wanted to post these pictures before the wedding ones.  :)  Stay tuned for those!

This engagement session was a blast!  Rosie and Jared are both incredible people that love the Lord and each other.

riverside engagement session

Also, they’re hilarious.  ;)

spiderman kiss engagement

searcy engagement photographer

~ Jon