Sarah Kaye & Brett Engaged!

Sarah Kaye and Brett are engaged! These two were a pure joy from the very first time I met them with no signs of stopping. We were laughing pretty much the whole time. ¬†:)¬†Sarah Kaye and Brett are some of the sweetest most service-oriented people you’ll meet, and I can’t wait for their sunrise beach wedding this summer in Florida!

It’s the Harding-Riverside-and-beyond adventure! :)

They’re too fun. No, just the right amount. :)

~ Jon

Brittney & Kevin Engaged!

Brittney and Kevin are engaged! These two always bring a contagious smile and sense of humor everywhere they go. So naturally we had a blast gallivanting around Camp Tahkodah–a place significant for all the stories, adventures, and the beginning sparks of their relationship made before they began their time together studying abroad in Zambia. Tahkodah is also the place where they’ll be married!

Begin quite possibly the longest engagement session blog post to date… :)

~ Jon

Molly & Tim Engaged!

Molly and Timothy are engaged! I’m so happy for these two! Molly is a happy and encouraging bundle of joy and Tim is similarly fun-loving and stately. Both Timothy and Molly have always brightened the lives of everyone around them and I’m so pumped that they’ve found each other. I can’t wait for their January Abilene wedding. :)

Without further ado, two of the greatest people you’ll ever meet, Molly and Tim.

~ Jon

Kaylea & Ishmael

I had a awesome time with Kaylea and Ishmael for their engagement session. These two are super fun and loving, don’t take themselves too seriously. :) Can’t wait for the wedding!

Jordan & Laura Engaged!

This is Jordan and Laura. I’ve known Jordan for quite a while now–ever since we met at church camp and became best friends. I don’t think we ever expected Jordan to be the first of our little friend group to get married, but now Jordan and Laura are engaged! Jordan thinks the world of Laura and therefore I approve. :)

~ Jon

Mark & Courtney Engaged!

I love these two. Mark and Courtney are so inspirational both in how they admire and treasure each other and in their pursuit of God through everything. Mark is one of the best friends anyone could ask for and I’m glad that he found such an awesome girl to join in life’s journey. Love you guys. :)

~ Jon

Zak & Aleece Engaged!

Zak & Aleece are engaged! It’s incredible seeing how much Zak and Aleece’s hearts are aligned toward missions and serving others. I know God is going to do great things through these two.

We went out to HUT for this session–where Zak and Aleece met and also where Zak proposed. Check out the presh-ness! :) …

~ Jon

Alex & Rosie Engaged!

This is Alex and Rosie–always fun, type-A, outdoorsy, and adventurous. I kind of love them. I’m always inspired by people who love life and love the people around them. That’s Alex and Rosie. Unconventionally awesome. :)