Selena & Patricio Engaged!

It was love at first sight.

I walked into the club (Mi Publito–Searcy’s premiere Mexican food joint) and spotted Selena and Pat across the chatter-filled room. We exchanged glances. I looked away…then back. I smiled and said hello. Butterflies. Laughs. It was just great. They told me they were getting married in the city of blues and wanted awesome photos. I was all about it. Greatness.

Selena and Pat are such a fun, happy couple that are a joy to work with. We did their session in Memphis, defying all odds of rain. And we had the most fun. :)

Lani & Alex Engaged!

Lani and Alex are engaged! It was a blast spending the evening with these two! They’re super fun, creative, and together make Little Rock a much classier place. :) I’m super excited for these two and can’t wait for their upcoming Fall wedding!

Lindsey & Lance Engaged!

It’s Lindsey and Lance! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing these two for a good while as I live with the bigger and burlier of these two. :) Lance and Lindsey are such a fun and vibrant couple and there’s never a dull moment with these two. Needless to say, we had lots of fun. :)

I’m super proud of Lindsey and Lance and can’t wait to see what their future brings for them. :) Here are a few of my favorites!

Abby & Kris Engaged!

Abby and Kris are engaged! These two are so joyful and fun and so excited to be married! It was easy to see how much these two love each other and I loved spending the evening together with them. They’re the bomb. :)

It all (mostly) started at a town-favorite sushi restaurant, then a picnic lunch (Kris was not messing around! :)), and the rest is history!

2014 Engagements Year in Review

In my continuation of my best of series, this is the collection of 2014 engagement sessions (mostly) as well as some portrait sessions. I’ve said it way more than once and I’ll say it again: I work with the most fantastic of people! I enjoy pushing myself artistically to create my best work every time I pick up my camera, but truly my favorite part of photography is being able to work with so many incredible people. It’s just great! And it keeps me ever so humble and grateful to be able to keep on doing this.

There’s so much love here. :) This is my 2014 review of engagements & sessions!


Holly & Daniel Engaged!

Holly and Daniel are engaged! These two are some of the happiest and sweetest couples I’ve met, with adventurous spirits full of love. After being delayed several times because of rain and nearly concluding that the weather was out to get us, we finally made it to Camp Tahkodah. And it was perfect! I usually don’t start sessions with an intermediate level hike, but Holly and Daniel are total troopers and didn’t mind a bit. They’re just that great.

This is how it went down…


Becca & Justin Engaged!

Becca and Justin are engaged! I had such a great time getting to know these two as we took pictures, found the perfect Christmas tree (well, that was mostly Becca), and laughed a lot.  Basically it was a grand old time! We even got to do a few family pictures at the end. :)


Thanks to the kind folks of Schilling’s Family Christmas Tree Farm for letting us use their pretty place!

Treka & Ethan Engaged!

Treka & Ethan are engaged! I’ve known Treka for a since college and she has always made me smile every time I see her with her fun nature and sense of humor. :) It was great meeting Ethan and seeing how much these two treasure each other. Can’t wait for their wedding this coming year! :)

These two are so cool that they got up at 4am, went hunting, Treka shot a deer, they did post-deer-hunting things, and then they were back in time to rock the engagement session! They’re the coolest. Here’s Treka and Ethan! :)



Shasha & Justin Engaged!

Shasha and Justin are engaged! It has been wonderful getting to know these two. Shasha and Justin met through their Tango dance group, and they’ve been inseparable since! :) Here is Shasha and Justin!