Hanna & Luke Engaged!

It’s–dun dun dun–Hanna and Luke! I lived with Luke for a fun while and got to see this relationship develop first hand, so these two are basically family to me. I’ve seen some of the rough times and so many more of the wonderful times and I’m so happy to see these two together in their adventures to marriage and beyond.

On this not so warm / not so cold day, we traveled around to a few of Hanna and Luke’s favorite spots around Dallas, from a Christmas tree farm to the beaches of Grapevine. ;)

Congrats and much love to Hanna and Luke! ❤

Pinnacle Mountain Park Little Rock Engagement Session

Tori and Daniel are getting married in just about a week! Before we get to their wedding, I thought it best to reflect back on warmer times when we explored a few of the trails of Pinnacle Mountain and played with smoke bombs. These two are the real deal and I can’t with for their NYE wedding! :)

Enjoy the photos!

Paragould Farm Engagement Session

I met these two at Grant’s sister Katie’s wedding and pretty much immediately fell in love with their family and their fun loving  nature. Not too long after the wedding, Grant proposed to Reba and now we’re getting ready for the next wedding! Grant and Reba make a great combination of both calm and collected with bubbly and sweet personalities and are a joy to work with.

I’d generally never plan for it to be half raining for an engagement session, but the weather couldn’t have been more magical. We waited a few minutes for the rain to die down, then headed out to a few of Grant and Reba’s favorite spots around the family farm. Enjoy! :)

Stephanie & Anthony Engaged!

Stephanie and Anthony are engaged! From the very first time meeting these two, they felt like old friends to me. We walked around at Harding and Riverside park, laughed about things, and Stephanie and Anothony did their normal too-cute-together thing. :) Excited to see what’s ahead for these two!

Anna Marie & Brandon Engaged!

Anna Marie and Brandon are engaged! I had a blast hanging out with these two happy, smiley & fun loving people at the beautiful Marlesgate plantation. Enjoy! :) :)

Megan & Andrew Engaged!

From the very first email, I knew that Megan and Andrew were going to be a blast to work with. I’m always happy to skip all the small talk as soon as possible and progress to truly getting to know someone, their story, and what’s most important in their lives. By the time I met Megan and Andrew for this session, they already felt like good friends to me. :) And that’s the way I like it!

To my surprise, Megan jumped at the suggestion of doing a sunrise engagement session…on the very same day as changing clocks forward, no less. I’m not a morning person, but from my experience, sacrificing sleep for adventure is always worth it. :) And it certainly was! We got some really pretty morning light and a layer of fog which made the scenery extra magical.

Megan and Andrew are such wonderful people and I feel very blessed to be sharing in their adventure together. :)

Laura & Clay Engaged!

Laura and Clay are such a fun couple…and hanging out with them always makes for a good time. :) We spent the evening going to some favorite locations around Carlisle, finished up photos on a farm with a bonfire and smores, then finished up the evening with a delicious dinner at Clay’s BBQ restaurant (which is incredible).

These two are very special to me and I can’t wait for their fast approaching spring wedding. :)

Ashley & Tyler Engaged!

Ashley and Tyler are engaged and their wedding will be here in no time! I’m super excited to be working with these two and their funny/happy/goofy selves. :)

Here are a few favorites from their engagement session!

Jessica & Niles Engaged!

Jessica and Niles are engaged! We started off this session laughing with a few of Niles’ friends crashing for a photo, and continued the smiles from downtown Searcy to Riverside Park. Congratulations Jessica and Niles!