Orange and Blue

Boder!  :P

What what! :-) So this past Monday was super exciting for me. I’m really excited about all the opportunities that being beau’d will bring. I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to spread Christ’s love through this and encourage these awesome girls.

Since I’m having trouble explaining this situation to (fictional audience?) people not in Harding and people in Harding, I’m just going to stop here. :-P

Hear my prayer and answer,
I am poor and needy.
Guard my life for I am devoted to you.
Hear my prayer, O Lord, and
my cry for mercy, in this day of
trouble I will call to you.
Psalm 86

~ Jon

New Host, Artistry

So this is the first post on the new server!  That’s exciting, I guess.  ;-)

I changed my webhost from cookiehost to dreamhost for cheap-plan-expired-and-new-one-by-same-host-couldn’t-be-found reasons.  :P  I don’t really have high expectations for dreamhost, but they somehow advertise the plan as having unlimited storage.  I don’t know if there is fineprint for people like me, but that sounds like a good place to backup everything on my computer.  This would be really slow at home, but one upside of college internet is that they have a good connection, lots of people downloading usually, but not many people uploading things at once, which means upload speeds of around 1.2MB/s, which is pretty stinking good in my book.  =)

Enough geek talk.  What I just said was that I changed the location of where is hosted, and then other things are happening too.  ;-)  As you may have noticed, the blog is working, but the gallery and never-visited camp forums are still not working.  I’ll fix them sometime.  :)

My initial attempt and mastery of art.

My initial attempt and mastery of art.

Here is my first picture that I drew using a wacam tablet.  It’s definitely a different way of drawling, and some things are weird, but it was definitely a fun adventure.  If nothing else, it motivated me to make a really ridiculous picture.  :-)

Also, Happy Valentine’s day!  If nothing else, tell your mom how great she is.  I know I will!  =)