Honduras bound

In 28 hours, our Honduras group will be piling into vans heading to the airport to begin our week-long journey to Honduras. I’m co-leading a group of 22 super great people on a week-long Spring Break Missions trip to Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

There’s been so many meetings, fundraisers, and letters sent and now the time to leave is almost here. It’s still hasn’t yet hit me, but I know it will be awesome. :)

Most of the people:

God has blessed this group so much through everything that goes into doing a trip like this. We’ve had to switch some plans and change details around a lot, raise a ton of money, etc., but here we are so close to leaving.

Keep our team and Honduras in your prayers this coming week! It will be a new experience and I’m hoping and praying that this trip will both be a huge encouragement to the people of Honduras that we’ll be interacting with while also showing us a more complete view of God’s love and the world outside our bubble.

~ Jon

…and of course there’s the obligatory crazy picture.  ;)


Rosie + Jared Married!

Rosie and Jared got married this past weekend!  I’ve known both of them for quite some time and have been encouraged through their lives and the examples they’ve set.

It’s amazing how God can unite two people from such different walks of life, different families, different continents.  How two people that grew up about 9000 miles apart are now united as one.  Here’s the wedding.  :)

Jared’s family was great…and hilarious.  :)

Travis’ songs and comments were really touching.  He rocked it as an MC too.  :-)

And they’re off!  It was a great wedding, a great group of people, a fun time, and a day to remember.

Thanks to Ashel for helping me out and for being a rocking second shooter.  :)

~ Jon

Rosie + Jared Engaged

This coming as a surprise to no one as Rosie and Jared got married this past weekend, but I wanted to post these pictures before the wedding ones.  :)  Stay tuned for those!

This engagement session was a blast!  Rosie and Jared are both incredible people that love the Lord and each other.

riverside engagement session

Also, they’re hilarious.  ;)

spiderman kiss engagement

searcy engagement photographer

~ Jon