20+ Wedding Venues in Little Rock, a Comprehensive Guide

Finding your dream wedding venue can be a rather daunting task. From asking friends to checking around on the internet, it can be rather daunting to narrow everything down to fit the venue style, location, and budget that is just right for you.

I’ll keep this updated as much as I can as well as provide some tips from my perspective as a wedding photographer with more pictures and venues as I look more into the many options of finding the ideal venue for your wedding in Little Rock or Central Arkansas.

Outdoor Venues:

  1. The Castle on Stagecoach
  2. An Enchanting Evening
  3. Moss Mountain Farm
  4. Alda’s Magnolia Hill
  5. Marlsgate Plantation
  6. Trapnall Hall (for small guest-list weddings)
  7. Grandeur House
  8. Goodwin Manor

Indoor Venues:

  1. Loft 1023
  2. Clinton Library
  3. Noah’s event center

Reception Venues:


  1. Trinity Episcopal Cathedral (the prettiest outdoor area of the churches)
  2. Immanual Baptist
  3. St. Edward Catholic Church
  4. Many more! I only listed the more popular ones. :)

Hotels for getting ready:

  1. Capital Hotel (the prettiest indoor space of the hotels. Their lobby and outdoor areas are quote popular spots for portraits)
  2. Marriott (they also have several large event centers that are generally the best bet for an Indian wedding or similar larger scale wedding)

Honorable mentions: (just outside LR)

  1. Meadow on the Mountain (Atkins, AR)
  2. Legacy Acres (Conway, AR)
  3. St. John’s Chapel by the creek (Benton, AR)
  4. Garvan Gardens (Hot Springs) – maybe the most popular venue in the state

I hope this was helpful!

I’ll continue updating this over time, but these are the wedding venues that I’m familiar with in our city of Little Rock.

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This year I’m coming up on hitting 200 weddings photographed over my career. I have seen quite a few weddings that were a total dream, and then some that were a bit more toward the chaotic. I’ve worked with a bunch of wonderful wedding planners and been the wedding timeline planner for smaller weddings. This post is a collection of most all of my tidbits and tips that I’ve learned through photographing weddings for my career.

I hope you find this information valuable to plan a wedding that fits your personalities and your dream for your wedding!

Planning for a stress-free day

I always encourage assessing what’s most important to you and then plan according to those goals. I’m biased most towards keeping the timeline relaxed and prioritizing photography. Other factors to consider are decor, the dance floor, drinks, venue, and the whole look of everything. I’m going to focus more on the things that I have experience working with, but in general my philosophy is to write down the things most important to you, then plan ahead to get those things figured out well ahead of time so that the things you’re looking forward to don’t become causes of stress.

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Top 5+ Iceland/Reyjkavic Day Trip Destinations

This Fall I traveled to Iceland for a wedding (Ellis & Kristen) and it was one of my favorite trips ever. It’s such a beautiful country that while small enough to feel familiar after a few days, can’t be fully experienced in the short week that we were there. We were able to pack in a lot of beautiful places in the few days that we had free after the wedding, and I’m happy with our itinerary enough to highly recommend these if you’re making the trip.

In no particular order, these are my favorite Iceland destinations. Drumroll please…

  • Glymur — possibly my favorite hike of all time. We took the lower trail up the ravine, crossed the stream and then hiked back down on the other side. I’d recommend doing the same. A bunch of the pictures from the blog post were from this hike. Not the most novice level hike (crossing the stream was slightly scary) but most definitely worth it. (IG photo)
  • Gljúfrabúi — little cave waterfall by the more iconic Seljalandsfoss. Definitely check them both out. I enjoyed all the more popular touristy waterfalls, but this small waterfall in a cave was much more secluded than the rest. (IG photo and story)
  • Black Beach near Vic — this place can get rather busy, but it’s definitely worth the trip east from Reyjkavic.
  • Geothermal pools at Hverasvaedid — self expalatory. Long-ish hike, but amazing and a neat experience. (map to it)

We also did the golden circle and a bunch of smaller destinations. I found this map to be very informative for finding good destinations. Some bonus items that didn’t make the list would be one of the islands nearby (that I didn’t have time for) that you can travel to by ferry or plane. Also the fish and chips stand by Skogafoss is worth a stop. :)

All in all, wonderful place. Highly recommend going when you can! A++ Enjoy the photos. :)