Little Rock Couple Engagement Portraits – Carly & Vinny

Carly and Vinny are the types of people that you can’t help but fall in love with their personalities. From always laughing at each other, wearing their hearts on their sleeves to always making the people around them feel special and included. I’m a big fan of these two and feel very honored to document the relationship that is Carly and Vinny.

For the session we went for a little bit of a different vibe and did pictures at Little Rock’s Big Dam Bridge and some of the walking trails on the north side. It wasn’t the best for allergies (sorry Vinny!) but it was such a perfectly beautiful day to do portraits. One of the things I’ve been wanting to do more is to make portrait sessions more meaningful beyond just taking pictures, so we finished the evening with Carly and Vinny sharing some of the things that they love most about each other and some of their favorite moments together.

All in all, a truly a wonderful time. These two are getting married this weekend and that’s a wonderful reason for celebration.

Wedding Timeline Creation Guide

Your wedding timeline can be a be a big part of what makes your wedding day glide by smoothly, or if it’s haphazard and doesn’t account for the reality of how long things take, can add unnecessary stress to what should be one of your favorite days ever. I’ve always been about making wedding days as wonderful as possible (I wrote a guide on what makes a perfect wedding day here). A major key to this is keeping things relaxed and avoiding stressful situations, with the schedule being the tool for making this happen.

So let’s make the perfect wedding schedule! Some wise person (my mom and probably your mom too) once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” While I generally hate cliche phrases, that one speaks some truth.