Wedding Timeline Creation Guide

Your wedding timeline can be a be a big part of what makes your wedding day glide by smoothly, or if it’s haphazard and doesn’t account for the reality of how long things take, can add unnecessary stress to what should be one of your favorite days ever. I’ve always been about making wedding days as wonderful as possible (I wrote a guide on what makes a perfect wedding day here). A major key to this is keeping things relaxed and avoiding stressful situations, with the schedule being the tool for making this happen.

So let’s make the perfect wedding schedule! Some wise person (my mom and probably your mom too) once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” While I generally hate cliche phrases, that one speaks some truth.

Behind the Photos & Favorite Moments

I’ve always been drawn to stories. In life and through photography, I’m always looking to capture real moments and personality that can tell a story in just one photograph. This has led me to wedding photography and is a dominant thought in my approach to capturing every photograph that I take: how can I tell this person’s story through this portrait and what can I do to make this more meaningful?

This time around, I’m going to hand the mic over to some of the greats that I’ve worked with this past year. The questions I asked were: Has there been anything unexpected about how you enjoy your photos on a day to day basis? Also, do you have a photo from your wedding day that sticks out to you because of a story behind it? And then finally, looking back on your wedding day, does anything you were worried about beforehand matter as much now?

*passes the mic, obligatory event audio screech/feedback, faces grimace around the room, then the show continues…*