Shelby Farms Park Engagement Session – Jamie & Cabot

I’ve known these two wonderful people for a while now and they are truly some of the most uniquely wonderful and kind souls that I’m blessed to be friends with. When Jamie texted me to break the news of their engagement, I might have done a little happy dance and re-read the text a few times to make sure this was truly happening. :)

Jamie and Cabot chose Harding’s School of Theology in Memphis as one of the first location for photos since that’s where they got to know each other and where all this magic started. After that we went to Shelby Farms, which seriously blew me away with how many pretty and unique locations it had within a few minutes drive.

Looking forward to their wedding coming up soon! These two are truly the real deal.

Hot Springs Sunset Wedding – Courtney & Dillon

I met these two at my favorite local coffee shop here in Little Rock. We talked about all the things from how Courtney and Dillon met, to being surrounded with friends and family (of whom many are criers), to dreams and aspirations. We might have even talked about this wedding day and photography, even if just a little at the end.

From the very first email, I’ve been impressed with how caring and intentional Courtney and Dillon are, being incredibly gifted people who always make you feel loved and heard. As we were leaving the coffee shop, I asked what other plans they had while in Little Rock, expecting that they would have scheduled something fun, wedding planning, or food/cake taste testing. But no, they had just driven hours from Oklahoma to meet in person. This was incredibly humbling to me and I think is a small look into how much these two are willing to go out of their way to build connection and invest in the lives of the people they care about.

Courtney and Dillon’s wedding day was just beautiful and fit their personalities so well. Just as expected, there were very many happy tears shed, much laughter, and no shortage of unapologetic dancing. It was truly a wonderful day and I couldn’t feel luckier to be a part of this.