These are the people that I call blessings.

This month has been quite exciting. Many of my beloved family members and relatives came down for my brother’s wedding. It was like a family reunion…plus wedding. :)

These are the brave souls that jumped in the river. Crazy.

Most of the family that made it down. :-)

And now…more blessings! God is so good. The Smith family was gracious enough to invite me over for all their Christmas festivities. They were way too kind and made me feel like a part of the family.

Master Chef Mr. Smith showing us the way to cook a ham.

After playing some games, we headed over to the Smith family gathering. The food was sooo good:

Catching up with old friends, more games…

And then it snowed!

I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing and loving people.

This is the last project 52 theme (blessings). It has been fun! Check out the perspective of Cheryl Weaver…who also happens to be a blessing in my life. :)

~ Jon