One of our thanksgiving traditions is to make apple cider. We don’t actually make it, but this cider wouldn’t have been made without our intervention so I think it’s close enough. :) It’s always a fun little thing to do with family. First we buy the apples from an orchard, then we bring it to the press and they do the juicing. There are some steps in between but that’s the short version.

Next up on the blog is our thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year because it’s the one where I get to see so many of my loving and sweet family. Sweet like cider. :)

This is the place!

We gots some apples!

Juggling skills. ahahaha.

Apple photographers. ;)

The little store!

Now onto the brewing(!?) process.

All the apples get cut into a pulp which goes in between these plates.

It’s then squeezed out, strained, and then pumped to be bottled!

Soon enough, you have close to 50 gallons of delicious cider! Mmm.

~ Jon