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I’ve found life to be a string of memories. Events happen, things change, people come and go, but what’s left behind is way more than the facts of where you’ve been and what happened there. What sticks is the memories and feelings.

Capturing the pieces of your story and your personality is my ultimate goal in photography.

It’s not too hard to create a pretty picture. It can take a lot of practice, sure. There are many principles and rules and technical details to follow, but after a while anyone can take a picture that they’re proud of. I always push myself and make sure the images I create are unique and technically good, but my greatest ambition through my photography is to capture the real story–the emotions, the excitement, the anticipation, the joy–everything.

When I can capture the love between people in a photograph that displays and retells that real story, that’s when I’m most happy with my work. 

Capturing genuine love is a big deal. Forget the stiff and overly formal approach, I want to know about you – what makes you smile, what drives you, what is unique and quirky about you and your loved ones – that’s what it’s all about.

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about me

I’m a Pennsylvania-native now living and loving the southern life. I find joy in finding and telling about stories and personalities around me and would love to document what makes you YOU.

These are a few of my favorite things

+ adventure and finding the special moments in life
+ sarcasm. My primary love language right after hugs. (sorry hand shakers)
+ my cat who usually goes by the alias Kitteh. I like most all animals too, but I’m slightly biased towards cats because of my cat being awesome. ?
+ working with people who love life don’t take things too seriously.
+ nerd things–new tech stuff, computer tweaks, etc.
+ TV: Parks and Rec, The Office, Community, Stranger Things (yes I’m basic sometimes)
+ skipping the social small talk phase of communication.
+ home made smoothies. They’re a work in progress, but I’m slightly improving my craft. ?