This is probably the most nostalgia-inducing post I do each year.

Each of these photos bring back a flood of memories and put me right back into the moment that I pressed the camera shutter. All the memories of joy, tears, quiet contemplative times, and feelings of thankfulness that I’m able to work with some of the best humans…it’s all still here.

Contained below is the collection of tiny moments of what this past year has been to me. From personal adventures to weddings to portraits to engagement sessions. It has been a wild ride.

Thanks for being a part of it and/or for following along. It means a lot. :)


And that’s the long and short of my 2015. :) The last thumbnails are my favorites from instagram. If you’d like to continue the trip down Nostalgia Lane, here are my previous year in review posts.

Thank you, thank you. :) – Jon