I loved my wedding photos more than any other photos I’ve seen — I’m sure there are MANY reasons for that. You were somehow five photographers in one. You was everywhere and captured everything (really!, I don’t know how you did it!) Looking at my photos is like reliving the day from start to finish.


While you made your presence known you also knew how to do it just enough to make everyone feel comfortable and capture all of us naturally so that people didn’t feel like they had to stare at a camera. Not only are you incredibly talented, but your way with people and service is exceptional. You really have such wonderful attention to detail and captured the day in a way that feels magical.


Hire Jon!!! You won’t be sorry you did. Our wedding pictures are some of the most beautiful, unique pictures I’ve ever seen, and we constantly get compliments on them.


I believe that every journey is worth being told and captured with immense care, that genuine laughter is truly your best look, that emotion and feelings tell the best stories, and that being photographed should be as enjoyable as humanly possible.

Hi, I’m Jon! I’m a sucker for adventure and a good story. I’d love to hear about your story and help capture your favorite moments of life.

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Finding adventure in big and small places

Thanks for stopping by my little place on the internet! Contained in these pages are pieces of my favorite people and stories. I hope you enjoy viewing these moments as much as I enjoy photographing them.  ❤ 

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