Shawn & Mallory

October 20th, 2014 | Portraits

It’s Shawn and Mallory! I’ve gotten to know these two really especially well this past year and they’re very near and dear to my heart. They’re more in love now than ever (they just passed the big 3 year anniversary mark!) and it shows. :) Enjoy their photos!


Callie & Matt Engaged!

October 18th, 2014 | Engagement Sessions

Callie and Matt are engaged! It was a blast photographing and getting to know these two. They’re both full of joy and both have infectious smiles–what’s not to love? :) Bonus point to Matt for being willing to do this session while the Cardinals game was going on…that’s true love. :)

Here are a few of my favorites!


Rebecca & Matt Engaged!

October 15th, 2014 | Engagement Sessions

Rebecca and Matt are engaged! These two are so talented and they are quite the perfect unique and quirky couple. I’ve known Matt and Rebecca for quite a while and have many good memories of these two. I love seeing their laughter and chemistry…and I can’t wait for their wedding! We did engagement pictures around the very place where the wedding will also be at!

Here’s Rebecca and Matt!

Emily & Beau Engaged!

September 29th, 2014 | Engagement Sessions

Emily and Beau are engaged! These two are a pure joy and we had a super fun time! This relationship has grown over many an exciting adventure — and I can’t wait for their upcoming wedding! Here are a few engagement session favorites from the rad and stylish Emily and Beau.