Hi, I’m Jon.

I’ve found life to be a string of memories. Events happen, things change, people come and go, but what’s left behind is way more than the facts of where you’ve been and what happened there. What sticks is the memories, the impressions, and the feelings.

My goal is to capture those feelings.

It’s not too hard to create a pretty picture. It can take a lot of practice, sure. There are many principles and rules and technical details to follow, but after a while anyone can take a picture that they’re proud of. I always push myself and make sure the images I create are unique and technically good, but my greatest ambition through my photography is to capture your real story–the emotions, the excitement, the anticipation, the joy–everything.

When I can capture the love between people in a photograph that displays and retells that real story…that’s when I consider my work successful.

There’s nothing more exciting to me than capturing the genuine love between two people. It’s a big deal. That’s what drives me to do what I do. Forget the cheese, I want to know about you–what makes you smile, what drives you, what is unique and quirky about you, and I want to document that through my pictures.

About me: I’m a Pennsylvania-native now living and loving the southern life. Jesus is my life motivation. I find inspiration in seeing His love shine through the people around .

I’d love to tell your story. Let’s talk!

Current hair (left), hairy days (right)